The good Lord has blessed my family and I with an office/warehouse space in Park West, to be the “home” training base for John Harris Basketball. After 10 years of training, I am thrilled about this dream now becoming a reality. 


This facility is the Lord’s facility and it will be used for Kingdom work, like bridging the gap between all races, socioeconomic statuses, and backgrounds from North Charleston to Mount Pleasant, while teaching the game of life and basketball.  We will develop young men and women spiritually, mentally, socially, and physically, while helping each individual who comes in our facility to have a better understanding of who they are in God’s eyes. 

I am thrilled about this dream becoming a reality! 


In order to have a great location with the tools necessary to develop players, I am in need of $20k to get us up and running effectively. This will help John Harris Basketball have a state of the art facility that will include a multi-sport floor, top of the line baskets, a training shooting gun, and much more!


I ask that you (and your family) pray about making a financial contribution to this dream or if you have any suggestions/recommendations I would greatly appreciate it.

Donate Now - $500