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John Harris is one of the most committed coaches to improving not only basketball players, but people. His positive energy is contagious and the way he shares his knowledge keeps players engaged. Simply put, John Harris will make you better!”


—  Jay Hernandez, Coach

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The game of basketball is always evolving. In order to stay a float, training is a MUST. You must have the skill set and will to play this game at a high level. John Harris Basketball will take your game to the next level. Through his rigorous training and no nonsense approach, your game will improve significantly.

​John Harris Basketball offers basketball training and skill development through innovative techniques. We cover an array of development from dribbling, footwork, speed and agility, shooting, passing, offensive moves, creating and keeping space, defensive moves, angles of the game, film breakdown, strength and conditioning, and much more!


Our Facility 
Mt. Pleasant - "His House"

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Our Staff

Coach Harris


It’s been 10 years since I started player development training and 6 years under John Harris Basketball. I’m grateful for the past 3 years of serving the Low Country. It’s crazy how fast time flies, the last decade has been an incredible journey both professionally and personally. One thing that remains the same...God is faithful!! He’s the reason I’m able to serve my students. 


Each day I learn a little more about how to get my students to improve on all fronts. There’s beauty in approaching each student differently. I get joy out of teaching accurate information, see the student comprehend the information, and then implement it. My approach is to master the skill, before moving on. Mastering the skill goes hand in hand with hours of  “homework” to master each skill. 


At “His House,” we pick the concepts for you to work on based on our experience and intense study. Over the last 6 years I have taken several trips to study high school teams, college programs, and NBA player development nuances to advance my knowledge of the ins and outs of the game and in particular player development for each player’s level. I have developed a wealth of knowledge to help you get better and implement it into game scenarios!


God bless!

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Coach Jay Barber


Jay played at the high-school and D1 college level and has been training for 5+ years. He has learned under Divison 1, G-league, and NBA trainers to develop his unique and high-level training programs that focus on the mental and iQ development of training a player as well as the physical skills to help them unlock their potential. 


Jay studied and trained with Bruce Kreutzer (Orlando Magic shooting coach)and Bill Peterson (Former assistant coach for Milwaukee Bucks) which helped him achieve a Division 1 scholarship. His passion is to pass on what he learned and help players reach their goals while teaching lessons that apply to life even after. 



Mt. Pleasant:

2612 Larch Lane

Suite 109

Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466


398 E 5th N St 

Suite F

Summerville, SC 29483

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